Turkish Blue Ombre Net Bag

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Turkish blue is a mixture of pale blue and green. it's beautiful soothing shade evokes tropical lagoons and dense jungles. Not as bright as turquoise or as basic as blue, it contrasts nicely with coral, maroon, and gold .

Thick and strong handle. Our weight test shows it can carry an average of 38lbs

Long bag: 22in including handle
Short bag: 20in including handle

Handle is about 8in and you can wear it over your shoulder

This bag looks small but it expands as you put more stuff in. Perfect to use for a quick trip to the beach, farmer market, store kid's toys ... The possibilities are endless

Our net bags were dyed using vegan dye

*** Please note :

these bags will arrive pre-washed and dried. They appear small but will expand as you start using it and put more stuff inside.

Due to the nature of hand dyed products, no two pieces are alike. Each piece has their own distinct character and I think that's the beauty of handmade products***