Earth Collection Hand dyed net bag in solid colour

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⭐️ Set Cotton net bag made from cotton string yarn and hand dyed in earthy tone colours: Earth brown, Sunshine yellow, London fog and Burnt orange. 

⭐️ OOWLSTUDIO netbag features Thick,  Strong and Long handle, handdyed using vegan dye

*** Please note these bags will arrive pre-washed and dried due to the dying process. They appear small but will expand as you start using it and load stuff inside.

⭐️Bag is measured approximately 25 inches including handle. please note this is long handle bag.

⭐️This bag looks small but it will expand and can hold a very large amount. Perfect to use for a quick trip to the beach, farmer market, store kid's toys, toilet paper rolls... The possibilities are endless

*** Due to the nature of hand dyed products, no two pieces are alike. Each piece has their own distinct character and we think that's the beauty of handmade products ****