Mây - Tre - Đan, the art of handwoven products from Rattan, Bamboo, Seagrass, Wicker, Rafia, Palm leaves ... is one of Vietnam's most famous handicraft trade. Mây Tre Đan products from Vietnam is known for their craftsmanship as the weaving skill has been practiced, improved and passed down for generations.

OOWLSTUDIO was started out as a textile shop but we always wanted to incorporate what we had been doing with something sustainable, offering Eco friendly options and raising awareness about the environment.

So on our trip back to Vietnam in early 2018, we went on our product hunt days and nights. We were amazed and fascinated at the beauty and quality of our homeland's handwoven products. We wanted the world to see this and feel the same way.

And that was how OOWLSTUDIO was reborn. With the help of our families ( rooted in northern Vietnam), friends and life long connections there, we have the opportunity to meet and work directly with local artisans and craft villagers to bring the best and unique Vietnamese artisan products and our designs to life. We make sure our weavers receive fair wage to support their living as a way of giving back.

We also like to give our customers various options to customize their purchased items here in our studio in Canada.

So, if you love our products and what we are doing, please give us a shout out. We are also active on Social media and would love to connect with you there