Handwoven Straw Fan - black and white

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☆ Our straw hand fans are purely handwoven from splitting of "Giang" tree - a close family of bamboo. Handwoven by a family of fan maker in a remote village of Hanoi-Vietnam with over 30 years of experience.

☆ Use it to cool off the heat or to decorate your walls with some warm, modern, natural texture. It makes a stylish and eco-consious wall decoration.

They can be hung individually or as an arrangement of multiple fans



Top to bottom: 11 in
Side to side : 8 in


Top to bottom: 15in
Side to side : 12in


Top to bottom: 18in
Side to side : 16in


✳ Dispatch time takes approximately 3-5 working days.

✩ Due to the nature of handmade products, sizes are approximate. these baskets will be slightly different in colour, size and texture.

✩ OOWLSTUDIO prides ourselves in working with artisans from South East Asia to bring our designs and vision to life. Our products are handmade in small batch. All steps are carried out by hand with attention to detail and quality in mind. We cut out middle man and work directly with artisans in fair trade environment.

This piece is the work of our collaboration with our talented artisan partner in Northern Vietnam. Each piece is 100% hand made and also biodegradable. Dimension is approximate and may slightly be different due to the nature of handmade.

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